10411719_10203278001887624_1937631500151090465_n (2)Na fotke je naše každoročné pečenie Vianočných  dobrôt. Tento rok sme upiekli naviac a vydražili sme 2 tácky   tradičných cukroviniek a peniažky poputujú do Guatemaly do tamojšej kresťanskej školy, ktora sa stará o tie najchudobnejsie deti.

Tu je jeden recept volá sa HEAT CRUNCH mám ho od Kim a tento rok sme ho pridali k našim cukrovinkam a ujal sa. Tu je recept na Slovensku mozete použit nejaké keksy namiesto saltine crackers.

1 sleeve saltine crackers
2 sticks butter
1 12 oz. Package semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cup sugar
1 cup chopped pecans

Line a 10 x 13 cookie sheet with aluminum foil, extending 1 inch higher than bottom of pan.
Place crackers in single layer salt side up. Melt butter and add sugar. Cook 3 minutes, stirring
Constantly until bubbly. Pour over crackers spreading so all crackers are covered. Bake at 350 for
15 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips while hot. Allow chocolate to soften and
spread evenly over crackers. Sprinklewith nuts and press into chocolate. Let cool completely in fridge (i leave
mineover night) when cold, turn candy out remove foil and break into pieces.

Další nový recept pridala Boži a roláda bola výborná takže recept možete nájsť na: http://dobruchut.azet.sk/recept/5192/fotorecept-nepecena-kokosova-rolada/


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Na túto rýchlu a chutnú polievku potrebujeme:

  • 3 poháre vývaru (stačí voda)
  • 1 pohár sladkej  smotany
  • 3 poháre čersvej alebo mrazenej kukurice
  • 1/2 pohára hl. múky
  • 1 strúčik cesnaku
  • 2 stonky stopkového celeru nakrájať na menšie kúsky
  • 1 mrkva nakrájaná na menšie kúsky
  • 1 malá cibula nakajaná na drobno
  • 100 g masla
  • strúhaný syr na ozdobenie
  • soľ a štipku pomletého muškátového oriešku

Na masle podusíme cibuľu, cesnak, mrkvu, celer a všetko osolíme. Pridáme kukuricu a dusíme 5 minút. Pridáme vodu a varíme cca 10-15 min. Zahustíme múkou. Polievka bude hustá, odstavíme ju a pridáme sladkú smotanu. Dochutíme soľou, ozdobíme strúhaným syrom  a muškátovým orieškom. Podávame s čerstvým chlebom.

Recept je prebraný od Pauly Dean

Here is the recipy for Corn Chowder

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velky-056-2Vyskúšaný a overerný recept na jablčník môžete nájsť TU


Apple pie recipe:

3 and 1/5 cup of flour

1 and 1/2 cup of powder sugar

1 full teaspoon of baking powder

2 sticks and 2 table spoons butter

2-3 table spoon of milk

2 eggs


2 pounds of apples shredded

1 tbs of vanilla

sugar according your taste

All steps with pictures you can find on link above.

Sift flour add butter, baking powder, sugar, milk and mix together. It will be so crumble at the beginning. If you need more liquid use milk. Divided dough in two pieces. One bigger roll and put on baking sheet . Then put apples and cover with rest of the dough. You can either roll or shredded the rest of the dough and put on top. Bake for on 375-400 till is start to brown on top apr. 20 min. You can put powder sifted sugar on top.

008 005

This is what is cooking today in our kitchen – Homemade Elderberry sirup. Wellnessmom has tons of great homemade recipe. Next on my list is make homade soap bars. On the other picture kids  pick  up  lettuce, kale and collar greens for lunch.

Našla som vyborny recept na domáci sirup z bazovych bobulí. V USA sú tieto bobuľky veľmi populárne pridávajú sa do rôznych zmesí. Tak som si objednala a dnes robíme sirup. Už sa teším, keď  si ich  raz  na Slovensku nazbieram a usuším.Na druhom obrázku sú deti a zbieraju salatové, kelové a kapustné lístky na obed. V Charlotte máme zelené listy skoro až do Decembra.

Na sirup potrebujete:

  • ⅔ pohára sušených bazových bobuľí
  • 3.5 pohára vody
  • 2 lyžice zázvoru čerstvý alebo prášok
  • 1 malá lyžićka škorice
  • ½ malej lyžice klinčeka
  • 1 pohár medu

Všetko dajte hlbokej panvice okrem medu. Privedťe do bodu varu a potom stíšte a varte 45 min dokiaľ sa zmes  nezmenší na polovičku. Preceďte,  nechajte vychladnúť a pridajte med. Premiešajte a uschovajte v sklenenom pohári v chladničke. Podávajte deťom pol alebo celú malú lyžičku dospelý  pol alebo celú veľkú lyžicu denne. Ak máte chripku alebo nádchu dávku podávajte každé 3-4 hodiny.

Here is great  article Dear You and a letter for all of the hard days


I love last part:

Because God’s writing your story and He never leaves you alone in your story, and His perfect love absorbs all your fear and His perfect grace carries all your burdens, and your story is a happily ever after because Christ bought your happily ever after so you always know how this story ends:

 You’re going to be okay.


Also if you read about Ann she so beautifuly write her believes at the end of her page http://www.aholyexperience.com/ann-voskamp/

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religious014Today i offer you reflections from Katka my awesome friend in Christ. Here are her thoughs translated to English. Have blessed week.

The whole week we take care about our everyday duties. Probably each of us must quickly get up in the morning, to fulfill their obligations, to enjoy with loved ones and then again to rest and sleep. In addition, we care and we worry about many things. Maybe we are not the types that are just waiting everything will be ok, we are  thinking  ahead and we are planning a lot. God created us to care and to plan. However, it can be called by other names: impatient, worried….

During this period, in my church was reading  16th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel.  I read it at home again and it reads like this:

“But they reasoned with themselves, saying: “We did not take the bread!”

But Jesus knew and said, “little faith, why you are thinking that you have no bread?

Yet understand, neither remember the five loaves for the five thousand and how many baskets you took up?  Neither the seven loaves for the four thousand, and how many baskets you took up? “

Jesus talk to  the apostles, and they thoughts are  somewhere else – like us – with problems at work, the children, the other things of this world. And Jesus goes on quite sharply: calls them “little faith” because they think the insignificant and, moreover, reminds them of the situation that experienced with Him and forget them.

We all already experienced God in our lives how He took care of us and we still worry about if we have enough money, if my job will be here tomorrow… Did he saved us that time?  Did he took care about us? Yes He did…… And He will do  it again even when we are in deepest  problems in our lives , He will lift us again. He said He will be with us ALWAYS.

Furthermore, in chapter 16 we read about how Peter confesses that Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus praises and rewards for this effort to know him. He even says: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven”.

I believe that God will reward us when we try to get to know him. God is about the only person who can appreciate our efforts, our intentions. People tell us  that effort is not enough.  For God is enough He is merciful.  He knows our great ideas, but also our weaknesses, which not allow these ideas to take place.

My favorite Jesuit Father Adamík talked about how  everything start in our hearts and  our thoughts. A lot of times we started and not completed, we tried, but gave up.   We say it is good, so try it out. But it should be as follows:” I am convinced of this, I know it in depth, studying God’s words, working on that and it is apparently seen in my deeds. I don’t need to focus  on the external manifestations,  it will going from the inside out itself naturally. Change in our hearts will be show by our actions clearly and beautifully without additional efforts.

Furthermore, Matthew continues :From that time began Jesus reveals to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and they kill him, and the third day  He will rise from the dead. Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him: “May the merciful God, Lord That never happen to you!” He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! Scandalizes me, because you have no sense of the things of God, but of men!”

This got me, surprised and shocked. Peter, the same who have just received the keys of the kingdom of heaven is Jesus called Satan. A little strong, what do you think? First, we do not see  Jesus like that. Our conception of Jesus is that the only pervasive peace, joy, love, and that such words do not belong to his vocabulary, moreover, because Peter just wanted to protect him, wanted him well. However, this is fundamental to our faith: Jesus didn’t allow himself  to live happily life without problems and pain , so we are His followers and we will be not protective from problems and difficulties in this life as well. We will have great spiritual moments with our God however we will suffer as well.

Already our grandparents used to say: Whom God loves, the Cross will be visited.  And this is Jesus trying to say, because in the next verse says: “Whoever wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” Speaking of the cross, we will get only one we can carry no bigger even it sometimes seems different….

Some Christian live in their small happy bubble that all good things are from God and they enjoy all of that warm feeling…. But as we see, God is true, real, raw, such as life, because He is the THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. And this gives us hope that we can live with God in everyday life, not just the occasional happy feeling we have with Him, but also in fears and worries . Because  God is always with us He is not sitting on a cloud.

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Good article about forgiveness you can find HERE.The-Creation

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English version


Slovenska verzia



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Microsoft Word - Document1Here is Fracis Chan talk about praying   STOP PRAY . His book Crazy love is really good. On you tube you can find more his preaching.