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I love my mom’s Slovak Leco. It tastes great, and best of all, is very easy to make.  We will focus today on using fresh food, which is full of vitamins.


6 tomatoes ( I used cherry tomatoes from my garden, but you can buy whatever kind you like)

2 peppers (no dark green) yellow or red

2 onions

4  gloves of garlic (I used small heads of garlic grown in my garden)

2 eggs

1 big sausage, polska kielbasa or some type of hot dog ( i usually use what I have left over in fridge; also cooked ground beef or ham is fine too)

 5 table spoon oil

sour cream




Cut up all ingredients based on the pictures below. In pan, saute the onion and after 7 min add minced garlic, sausage and peppers. Cook cca 10 min and add tomatoes.  Cook until tomatoes are soft (I like them a little crunchy and not cooked all the way through). Taste for seasoning as the amount of salt depends on the saltiness of your meat. Use salt and vegeta to taste. Then add 2 mixed eggs and cook an additional 5 min. Now you are done! 

I put sour cream on top of plate, mix it up, and eat with good bread. My American husband doesn’t like sour cream, so you skip the last step.  However, I sneak a little bit sour cream in the finished dish…just don’t tell him. He thinks there is not sour cream in his plate.

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