I get into coupons lately, and see how much I am able to save on groceries. I would like to share with you my experiences. I will post it on my blog every week saving tips and the best deals of week. So, you can read all articles in my archive under ” Moms in the USA.” If you find good deal, please write comment, and we can all share and save. Today I pay total 0.22 cent for 3 packs of pasta, hand soap, deodorant and frozen veggie. Triple coupons if Harris Teeter where great. They do it every 3 months and you can get a lot of free stuff.

Chick-Fil-A is doing promotion they are giving free breakfast chicken biscuit for education box label. I don’t know, if it is only in my area, or anywhere else. You can find education label on cereals. So, bring the label and the will give you free chicken biscuit.

If you like Pepsi, Target runs good promotion buy 5 for $15 get $5 gift card. So you have 12 pack for $2. More you can read here http://attentiontargetshoppers.blogspot.com/2009/03/ats-target-fave-five-deals.html
Here are also coupons from Target website you can use it. You can print them home or also in Target beside customer service http://sites.target.com/site/en/supertarget/page.jsp?title=coupons_specials.
So, for this week here are couple of good deals from Target

Who likes to shop in Wal-Mart this website show you how much you can save with coupons from newspaper, but also you can print them from Internet http://www.dealseekingmom.com/walmart/
Sorry for my English still work on it:)

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