You can get a lot of free formula and coupons by just sign in on websites. It is easy and saves you a lot of money. There are website for Enfamil formula, for Similac formula, for Good Start formula. You sign in and they start to send you samples and a lot of coupon in mail. Enfamil send usually checks for $5 off and Similac as well. Good Start sends coupons for $8 and $11 off. Even you have second baby, and you already get coupons from their website, if you update your account they start to send coupons again. As well in hospital you should ask for diaper bag and there are samples of formula as well. If you don’t use the coupons offer them your friends or other moms. There are a lot of people looking for these coupons on Craigslist so you could help somebody who need it.

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