I introduced coupons on my website. There are easy to search and print. You can go to top of website, or on right site, and print as many as you want anytime. Now they have good Huggies coupons and more others.
I tried shop with coupons for 2 months and make big different. I have a lot of free stuff after using coupons. A lot of people ask me how?
It is easy, if you get store like Bi-lo, Harris Teeter, Publix, Kroger they double sometimes triple coupons. So if my coupon is $.75 off, double is $1.50 and, if for example tooth paste is for $3 and that week is buy one get one free I end up have free tooth paste. Another example is yogurt for kids. You print coupon for $.75 off double is $1.50 and they sell it for $2.50. So you pay $1 instead of $2.50….. Even without doubling coupons you can still get good deal.
In next articles I would like to write more how to use coupons to get the best deal there. I know, is little money, but why I should pay any, if I can get it for FREE…

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