medisona on May 29, 2014

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medisona on May 18, 2014

Here are my small Christians. I am so proud of them how they walk in faith with us. They just make up this songs while I recorded no preparation  nothing. It came from their heart on the go…. Specially last Lukas sentence : Sin never bother me anyway…. He got it!  Jesus paid it all! […]

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medisona on May 14, 2014

Community mourns Ben Sauer, Clarence 5-year-old who inspired outpouring of support This is one inspirational story. We are living in broken word and it doesnt mean when we are Christian we will be on this Earth pain free. But you see different perspective with faith. We don’t know why things happen but  “we know that […]

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medisona on May 7, 2014

Here is article about how Jesus can change every life. My wife has Tattoos   Tu je na povzbudenie článok, ako Ježiš mení životy ľudí Príbeh – Lacey Sturm – Nenávidela som každého   

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medisona on May 1, 2014

My friend Kim cook last time very tasteful Thai soup.  So I tried it home and we love it. I made it only with half of the  broth because  it is  to strong and spice for kids. We have it on our “meetless night” so   I  didn’t put chicken there. You can find whole recipe […]

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